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Explore firsthand testimonials in our dedicated review page for PrimeChat, providing insights into what users are saying about this innovative, AI-driven chat platform.
These user experiences offer a candid view into the real-world advantages and impact of PrimeChat, powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Switched to PrimeChat from ManyChat

I recently switched to PrimeChat from ManyChat, and I have been blown away by the features and integrations offered by this platform. The number of integrations available is truly impressive, and I can see great potential for my business with all the possibilities available to me. PrimeChat's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical expertise.

The platform's real-time analytics and reporting features are also a standout, providing valuable insights into my chat efforts and allowing me to make data-driven decisions.

One of the things I love about PrimeChat is the flexibility it offers. I can easily customize and tailor my chat experiences to meet my specific needs and objectives, which is crucial for any business looking to enhance their communication and customer support efforts. Overall, I highly recommend PrimeChat to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile chat platform with extensive integration capabilities.

I am excited to see how this platform will help me grow my business, and I am confident that it will exceed my expectations. Five stars all around!

Outstanding Omni-channel tool

Since the company is constantly changing, there are features that may have bugs, but this is very minimal. All in all, PrimeChat is committed to making the system better and better.

Pros: PrimeChat is constantly improving and improvising. Only a few years in, PrimeChat has expanded into supporting more than 10 different social media chatbots, which is amazing! The team is constantly upgrading the system. It makes my life easy by saving 10+ hours of time for me and my support agents for queries from customers. It can also upsell products to my existing clients. With complex automations - there's a world of possibilities that can be created - I'm still exploring it.

Cons: Too many features and functions also bring a learning curve along with it.

The fact that PrimeChat chatbots, the best conversational marketing tool, can be linked with a variety of marketing automation tools is very convenient for me. Particularly, no other chatbot is near PrimeChat's omnichannel chatbot function, which can simultaneously manage more than ten channels of communication.

These days, the connection with Open AI is one of the things that I appreciate the most. PrimeChat is also compatible with Dialogflow, which has been built-in for a considerable amount of time. First and foremost, the efforts that PrimeChat management makes to advance new trends invariably raise my expectations.

Comments: I am implementing half-automated customer contact. AI can be used to reply to comments, users can help themselves by PrimeChat serving them answers from our documentation. Collect user interest level in planned features before implementation. Collect feedback about the result of a feature I implemented, what should be changed etc.

Pros: It covers my needs for integration with other software. All the integrations make pretty much anything possible. I can send mail via any email client (SMTP), connect the bots to Google sheets, Stripe, or pretty much any other software via Zapier/Pabbly/Make/Integromat.

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